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BYU Students test new phased array feed receiver

Professors Warnick and Jeffs, along with students Richard Black, Junming Diao, Mark Ruzindana, and Mitchell Burnett, collaborated with the University of Massachusetts and the National Radio Astronomy Observatory  in a test of a new phased array feed receiver for the Green Bank Telescope in West Virginia.

Dr. Hawkins made IEEE Fellow

The IEEE Board of Directors, at its November 2015 meeting, elevated Dr. Aaron Hawkins to the position of IEEE Fellow for his contributions to the field of optofluidics.

Prof. David Andrews Delivers October Colloquium Talk

Prof. David Andrews from the University of Arkansas gave the talk "It's Not Your Father's Computer" as part of the department Colloquium Series on October 22.

Prof. Fawwaz Ulaby Delivers November Colloquium Talk

Prof. Fawwaz Ulaby of the University of Michigan delivered the November Department Colloquium Address.

BYU Students Win Best Paper Award

Two BYU Students won first place in the undergraduate category at the 2015 International Telemetering Contest.

Prof. Michael Rice Wins Best Paper Award

Prof. Michael Rice, and his co-author Erik Perrins (PhD '05) won the best paper award at the 2015 International Telemetering Conference.

Todd Moon receives the Outstanding Alumnus Award for 2015

Todd Moon receives the Outstanding Alumnus Award for 2015.

ECE Students Light up BYU’s Drumline

Students from the ECE department were recruited by BYU’s Marching Band to add a splash of dynamic color to their drumline. The LED lighting effect was unveiled at halftime during the recent homecoming game.

BYU engineers and scientists take on global health threat

BYU is leading a collaborative team that has just kicked off a massive multidisciplinary effort to combat a threat to global health: the rising prevalence of bacteria that can’t be treated by antibiotics.

Prof. Rice Participates in Intercultural Ethics Panel

Prof. Michael Rice was invited to participate on the Intercultural Ethics Panel at UVU's Ethics Awareness Week on 22 Septermber 2015. 

BYU’s Chip Camp doubles for year two

When you hear 'Chip Camp,' you might think of a weekend getaway fueled by Doritos. But for more than 100 7th and 8th graders, Chip Camp has nothing to do with cheetle (the orange, powdery residue left on your fingers after eating Cheetos).

BYU electrical engineers play defense for U.S. government

With their high-flying photo and video capabilities, personal hobby drones are more popular than ever.  But how do you ensure that these fun, inexpensive Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) don’t become a threat to national security?  

ECEn and Dancers Collaborate

The Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering and the BYU Kinnect Dance Company have combined their respective skills to create a light and dance performance

Dr. Beard receives patent

Prof. Beard recently received a patent titled "Aerial Recovery of Small and Micro Air Vehicles"

Dr. Daniel Smalley Makes News with Holograms

The Economist recently highlighted the research of Dr. Daniel Smalley and its application to someday bring holograms into your home.

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