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ECEn Interactive Flashmap Makes a Splash

    When contemplating graduate school many undergraduates ask: Where is a school that specializes in biotechnology? Is there a place where I can study alternative energy? Which schools have large amounts of research funding? Although the answers to these questions are available from a variety of sources they are not easy to find.

    The BYU ECEn Department recently introduced a web tool that allows students to view information about universities throughout the nation by going to a single source.  Students may use the new interactive map to highlight universities by specialty area, funding level, location, or several other categories. It also gives contact and geographical information on nearly 300 U.S. universities that have programs in Electrical and/or Computer Engineering. The accompanying image shows what a student sees when they select the map from the ECEn Department website at BYU. They may use the mouse to hover over the map and select information and they can use the pull down menu to make selections according to a variety of criteria. 

    The BYU ECEn Department invited other ECEn departments in the U.S. to add a link to the interactive map for their own use. Several universities have already sent positive comments in response to the map including the following quotes: Dr. John Spinelli from Union College, “This is a very interesting idea” , Dr. Jin U. Kang from Johns Hopkins University, “Thank you for this wonderful service you are providing”, Dr. John Gesink Western Michigan University, “Great job on the map.”

To use the map and see its features go to:

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