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New Faculty in the Electrical and Computer Engineering Department


Please join us in welcoming our newest faculty member Daniel Smalley. Here is a brief description of Dr. Smalley to help you get to know him.


Research Topics: Electroholography, holographic video, spatial light modulators and integrated optics


As a youth in Manti, UT, Daniel Smalley could be found doing holography experiments in his garage where he used magnets and steel plates as optical mounts and tested electrical circuits with his tongue.   After some years his penchant for experimentation eventually led him to intern at the MIT Media Lab where he was one of the last students to work with the late Stephen Benton, inventor of the Benton (Rainbow) hologram.  He spent the next several presidential administrations realizing his dream of creating a holographic video display so inexpensive that even a student might afford to obtain one.  During his time at MIT he received an MEng, MS and PhD. 



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