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BYU Authors Win Best Paper Award

Darren Kartchner and Prof. Michael Rice won the best paper award at the International Telemetering Conference for the paper "Does a Spinning Missile Cause Tracking Error at C-Band?" The paper analyzes the ability of ground-based antennas to automatically track radio transmissions from a spinning missile. Auto-tracking algorithms use variations in the received signal amplitude to derive pointing error signals used by a closed-loop tracking system. When a missile with a non-isotripic wrap-around antenna is spin stabilized, the spinning causes periodic amplitude variations that have the potential to fool some auto tracking algorithms. The paper identified these conditions and gave recommendations for avoiding them.

Darren Kartchner is an MS student from Albuquerque, NM. Michael Rice is the Jim Abrams Professor in the Department of Electrical & Computer Engineering. 

Telemetering derives from tele- (afar) and meter (to measure) and literally means "measuring from a distance." In aeronautical telemetry, the test articles are airborne and of necessity require radio transmission to get the measurements of interest to the scientists on the ground. 

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