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Student Researchers Awarded

Nathan Whitehead and Ryan Bartley were recently awarded a $1,000 tuition reimbursement for Fall 2017 in regnition of excellence in their research. A brief description of the research is given below:

Nathan Whitehead: High Performance Multi-Stage and Complementary Charge Steering Amplifiers

High-performance, low-power amplifiers are attractive for a wide range of communication circuits. This project proposes the design of novel amplifiers utilizing new charge-steering topologies. A four-stage design with delayed clocking offers high gain while a complementary design exploiting both charging and discharging currents reduces power by 27%. Realized in 0.18 um technology, the project presents, for the first time, direct measurement results of charge-steering amplifiers, including gain, linearity, noise, and common-mode and supply sensitivity.

Ryan Bartley: Two Dimensional Synthetic Aperture Radar for Snowpack Observation

The purpose of the study is to prove that snowpack information can be retrieved via radar from a remote location. To accomplish this, Nathan aided in the design of a scanner that would hold a Ku-band radar. The scanner moves the radar in two dimensions allowing it to create a three dimension image of the snowpack. The scanner was deployed to the base of Mt. Superior near Snowbird Ski Resort during the winter of 2015-2016. It successfully captured many avalanches during the winter, providing UDOT with insight into avalanche activity that they have never had before. The radar was redeployed this winter to Aspen Grove above Sundance Ski Resort. This year’s efforts will exclusively focus on snowpack observation using the scanner.

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