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Please click the link below to fill out the project request form and then email the appropriate files to The following information will all be required to complete the form.

Laser (Raster Engraving or Vector Cutting)

Maximum size: 18" X 12"
Pricing: To help offset maintenance fees, we have begun charging $0.35 per minute for all laser jobs.
Material: You may provide your own material or purchase acrylic from us.

1/8" thick ($0.05* per square inch)
1/4" thick ($0.05* per square inch)

Colors: We have several colors, but our stock varies. We will do our best to accomodate color preferences.
Required file: Please email us a .svg file of your vector cut or raster job.
Additional information: Please include any other pertinent information, including the dimensions for your job in your email, as well as in the form to ensure no issues with scaling.

3D Printer

Maximum size: 200mm X 200mm X 180mm (about 7.8"x7.8"x7")

PLA ($0.15* per gram)
ABS ($0.15* per gram)
ABS ultra ($0.20* per gram)

Required file: Please send us a .stl file of print.
Material fill: Please consider the fill you want for your part. A lighter fill will print quicker and use less material, making it less expensive. Our default is medium fill if not specified.
Colors: We have several colors, but our stock varies. We will do our best to accommodate color preferences.

PCB Mill

Maximum size: 14" X 10"

Single sided ($0.09* per square inch)
Double sided ($0.06* per square inch)

Required file: Please send us the standard gerber files of your board. If you include the board outline file, we can cut the board out to your specifications.

*Material prices are subject to change

Project Request Form

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